Supercharge your collaboration with an Open Source Wiki

Last modified by Ludovic Dubost on 2019/06/17 20:28

At FOSDEM 2017 I had the talk "Supercharge your collaboration with an Open Source Wiki and stop using closed source like Atlassian Confluence". Here are the slides and video of this talk.

Beyond advertising the Open Source software that we sponsor at XWiki SAS, and which progresses nicely lately especially with Amazon's sponsorship of features and the reference that it represents, one subject I treat in the presentation is the need to help Open Source software get into companies especially as closed source competitors have much more marketing. I would have liked to talk more about it but the talk was short. You can also check this talk "Open Source Vendor without raising capital" which can explain why we need help and also see how we can help ourselves.



Here is a direct link to the mp4 video and to the slides. More FOSDEM 2017 information from XWiki on the XWiki Blog