Today, France said "No" (around 54/55% with more than 75% participation) to the European Constitution Treaty, but it is important to say that it's not an anti-Europe "No"..

I personnally voted "Yes", because I believed it was better to fix the problems this text had based on the good things that were in them. Now, althout I voted "Yes", I found many problems to this text.. The first one being that it wasn't a "constitution" having way too many details that shouldn't be in the foundations of Europe.

There was a lot of debate in the last weeks from the citizens, but not from the major parties. The major parties (which represent about 75% of the votes) have tried to hide the issues by "almost" refusing the debate about the text itself, supporting the "Yes" and leaving the "No" to the extremes.

I wish this "No" will be understood as being "pro" European, that all Europe will understand that France wants MORE Europe. Not only a Europe that brings a European Economic Community but also one that takes into account the political, social and environmental aspects: a real Political Europe.

This "No" is an opportunity to really discuss at the European level and fix this treaty and move forward at a faster pace.