This is a demo of AngularJS integration with XWiki. The backend data is in XWiki and AngularJS is used to display data from XWiki.
With this integration, AngularJS code can be directly editing in XWiki pages and the result is immediately visible.

The code of this demo is available as an XWiki Extension (the code is also commented there).



  • CPU: {{properties.hardware_cpu}}
  • USB: {{properties.usb}}
  • OS: {{properties.os}} {{properties.os_version}}
  • Screen size: {{properties.screen_size}} inches
  • Screen resolution: {{properties.screen_resolution}}
  • RAM: {{properties.ram}}GB
  • Storage: {{}}GB
  • Weight: {{properties.weigth}}g
Created by Ludovic Dubost on 2013/04/16 16:57